Evening Entertainment At Canal Park Lodge

Check out these free programs at Canal Park Lodge at 7 p.m. located at 250 Canal Park Drive in Duluth, MN on various dates in February sponsored by The Lake Superior Marine Musuem Association and US Army Corps of Engineers. www.lsmma.com/

Thursday, February 3-Mary Shideler-The Kayak Lady-Learn about her stories, see her photos as she paddled 1,007 lakes in Northern Minnesota.  You will leave filled with adventure.

Thursday, February 10th is Doug Nelson, a local communication coordinator for Grandma’s Marathon. He will be speaking about race coordination, discuss Morse code and the unique digital communcations and how short wave operators provide assistance to the National Weather Service.

Thursday, February 17th is LCDR Mary Durley who will speak on Arctic Adventures of the Adler. The Adler is a U.S. Coast Guard ship that has gone through fog, rain, heavy storms, and icebergs. Durley will share  how the two month joint Canadian exercise responded to safety, security threats and emergencies.

Thursday, February 24th is Carol Christenson from The NOAA Weather Service. She will speak on Lake Superior Affects The Weather and as a meterologist will will share and enlighten you on all the details of the Great Lakes and how it has affected our regional weather service warnings.

These programs are free and are open to the public. If you have more questions call LSMMA at 218.727.2497