Health Care For The Stakeholders

Last night on C-Span (TV) they talked about medical malpractice. It  stated that 2-3% of the doctors are bad as are teachers, and it’s hard to get rid of the bad apples.There is an issue with patient protection and affordable health care. There have been studies out there on medical mal practice lawsuits. Some are frivilous. We are in a soft malpractice industry according to a Harvard study. Some doctors don’t practice in certain areas because they don’t want the risk and to pay the high cost of malpractice insurance.

One study showed at 1 in 7 Medicare patients have adverse care in the hospital and 49% is preventable. This information was from the hearings on medical mal practice. Is the insurance industry making money off of all of us? Are they driving a change in Obama’s Health Care plan? I am sure medical mal practice liablity is expensive. If over 98,000 deaths (if not more) could of been prevented, what does that say? There needs to be more transparency.

Do you know patients where their complaints (or family members) were covered over, dismissed as it was their fault for being the patient? Many lawsuits don’t see the light of day when they were really justified. Others think the opposite at the hearings.

I do think it is wrong when 501(c)-3’s don’t list their donors. How could that be?  Who are they working for or whose messages are they promoting? How can they stock pile money?

I think it is wrong when the medical provider is erased from your medical record. This includes those who do tests and procedures. There should be laws against this.

Check out these sites about health and health care for the stake holder:

This is a great website but you have to subscribe. They send you get articles based on research and I really like Retuters.

Learn something about radiation. It can save your life and kill you.

What do we need to learn about the medical industry?

Research on Chronic Health Conditions at the following website:

Educating yourself on health care is important. You are the stakeholder.

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This is a good  health care blogs. You can sign up and have it sent to your in box. It is by Dr. Furhman. or

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The Campaign For Safe Cosmetics is located at

Have you talked to your daughter, neice or cousin about lipstick? There are lipsticks with lead in them. Of those tested 61 percent had detectable levels of lead, 1.07 parts per million which is higher than the FDA’s recommended limit of lead in candy. Do the research. We can’t trust that everything has or hasn’t been tested. You may want to google Breast Canncer Fund as well. I know there are hoax checkers. they are:

I question fingernail polish. “Going natural is best.”


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