American Lung

If you don’t know much about American Lung Association of Minnesota, you should take a look into the work they do locally. Jill Rogers is out there in the community, and we run into her all the time. Their mission is to save lives by improving lung health and preventing lung disease. The local office is at 424 W. Superior St., Suite 202, Duluth, phone number: 218.726.4721.

There is a workshop at The College of St. Scholastica on February 2nd, Wellness Commons

A documentary will be shown followed by a panel discusion. The documentary is called, Tobacco Addiction: The Unfiltered Truth. It is why everyone must work toward a tobacco free campus. The panel includes Mike Mcavody, VP of Operations, Essentia Health, Joan Rich, CSS Assistant Profession, Bridge Benson, Quitplan Counselor, and Roxanne Frederick, LSC Health Services Coordinator. It should be interesting.

Did you know in the United States there are 396 tobacco and smoke free campuses? In Minnesota there are 20 completely tobacco free campuses and an additonal 3 smoke free campuses. Among Minnesota adults ages 18-24, nearly 30% are current smokers, and the tobacco industry targets this group of of individuals.

For more information go to FACEbook  “Like”  Tobacco Free Campuses or Email:

It is important to have smoke free campuses because it promotes good health, prevents students from starting, encourages tobacco free lifestyles, supports tobacco users who want to quit, prepares students for toacco free work environments, promotes clean and green campuses, and decreases butt litter.

Lung Help Line-Questions about Lung Help Help-Call 1.800.LUNG.USA or 1.800.586.4872. The webite is

Want to quit smoking? Go to or call 1.888.354.PLAN. They will help you through one on one professional counseling, help you to make a plan that works for you with realistic goals,  give helpful advice on breaking your bad tobacco habits, and discuss your health insurance.