Spam, Pranks, Untraceable Accounts, Finding Answers

There is a lot of spam out there. If you don’t have security on your computer you are putting yourself at risk. You could be sending out e-mails that may have spam attached to them. Check out how to track and trace spam:

There is a person in Duluth, a law enformement agent that has a business tracking spam for court cases. He is Thomas Hoppenyan, Director of Applied Professional Services. His website is: or call him at:  218.628.3283. He has 25 people working for him.  He investigates fraud, arson, missing person, asset probs, and security. He is located at 323 W. Superior St. in the Duluth Skywalk. His biz was founded in 1994.

If you have never checked out “Family Watchdog” you should. This is a free site to warn you of the dangers of sex offenders moving into your area. Most recently I read aboput one in the paper. Be concerned if you teen is “getting sexting on the web.”

Ever wondered how kids and teens prank each other and you? We recently got a prank call. This is why we had an unlisted number for over 30 years. We love kids, but kids will have fun. There is a website they use. A student showed me.

Ever wondering about those people who you can’t trace their e-mails easily as a consumer? Gmail is the worst culprit. Write letters and complain to them. Write people who can make it it a law that the e-mails can be easily traced by the consumer.

There are other websites that these spams refer to and people use to hide their spams. Unfortunately there are tricksters out there. On Area Voices we see a certain amount of it.

Ever wondered how you can report FACEBOOK abuse? There is a website:

Do you know of someone that has committed fraud? Does it gripe you? Report it to the government. There are fraud hotlines for  waste and abuse.

If it is fraud related to social security report it to this website: