Sweet And Spicy And Everything Not Always Nice

Valentine’s Day is coming up, and I saw this great recipe in the paper in the DNT paper this a.m. for my recipe addiction file. It was Sugar and Spice Popcorn made with brown sugar, cinnamon, salt and melted butter and popped popcorn. Sounds delicious but I can’t eat it.  Then there is this Old Dutch recipe for Carmeled Corn, that I long for, love it and it is very addicting stored in my file. I am removing these pictures of calories and sugar from my mind this year.

Let me suggest making something tasty and healthy for your sweeties this Valentine’s Day.

Trail Mix is always good, and there are so many great recipes. It fulfills the nuts, grains, and fruits that your body needs. There may be a litte fiber in there as well. We as Americans need to change our sugar addiction or it will kill us with heart disease and diabetes. Ask your family physician, google the research. I am going to share with you some heart healthy recipes to make for the big HEART day for your loved ones.


Trail Mix by Peggy Anderson

2 cups of raisins (mixed colors are great)

1 cup of dried cranberries

1 cup of sunflower seeds (unsalted)

1 c. of peanuts (unsalted)

4 cups of soy nuts (if you like them otherwise substitute something you have a passion for)

Mix, put in ziplock bags, label with love notes. Give out at Valentine’s Day.


Peggy’s Gorp

1/2 cup of golden raisins

1/2 c. sweetened cocunut flakes or less due to the saturated fat content (Is there low fat?)

1/2 c. pumpkin seeds

1/2 c. of sliced blanched almonds

1/4. cup of cranberries

1 c. of chopped pecan halves

Mix. Place in ziplock bags and decorate the bags with love.


Peggy’s Asian Gorp

1 c. of roasted unsalted soy beans

1 c. of sliced almonds roasted with tamari

1 c. of dried peas with wasbai coating

Crystallized ginger (I love this.  I can’t buy it very often because my mouth knows no boundaries when it comes to crystallized ginger.)

Mix. Bag. Label with Love.


Kiddie’s Valentine’s Snack by Peggy Anderson

Low salted pretzels

Chocolate chunks, dark chocolate is best for the heart.

Low salted potato sticks, unsaturated fat. You may want to cut these in half.

Mix. Place in Ziplock bags and label with a Valentine’s Day card.


This website has been around for a long time. You can find out about India Festivals but if you go further into for many other holiday  listed and some really fun activity ideas. I always tried to make holidays memoriable and unique for my own children and as a teacher my classroom. Click on Christian Holidays and then click on Valentine’s Day.