Cuts Are Going To Be Made Everywhere

The state needs to cut $6.4 million dollars; that’s why they had one of three town hall meetings to date. Representatives and senators want to educate the public and engage them. The Republicans want to pass Senate File 60- to cut unallotments  in the area of public safety and human services. There would be signifigant cuts to programs in Duluth. The cut of   the LGA, $3.8 million dollars would affect education in Duluth and Health Care. 

W can only be represented if we write letters, speak out and vote. “Silent voices will not be heard.” These cuts will affect the budget cycle starting July 1, 2011.

What makes up where the money comes from in 2012-2013?

Individual income tax-49.6%

Sales Tax-28.6%

Corporate Tax-4.9%

Statewide Property tax-4.9%

What should be cut? What should be raised? Where will the money come from?