Another Kiwanis Teaser

Check out Miller Hill Subaru, Duluth.  I thought some of the cars and prices looked really good.

Pam’s Hall Store located at 1600 Miller Trunk Hwy. Actually they have a website but you have to use store locator.

Northern Business Products has locations all over. Their website is:

London Road Car Wash-They rock and roll. They are located at 1530 London Road and found on  They don’t seem to have their own website. Maybe a graphic designer should talk to them, design a website in lieu of a years worth of car washes. Just a thought.

Radisson Hotel.  Go to

Holiday Inn is located in downtown Duluth. Yes, they are on the Local Bing.

Peerless Auto Body is or was located at 1718 W. lst Street. Isn’t this where there was a fire? They have been around since 1914.

JR Jensen Construction Company is located at this website:  It looks like they built the Vineyard Church.

Country Ride is located on 4488 W. Lismore Rd. Duluth. I couldn’t find a website.

London Road Rental and Party Express has a website:

Bearskin Lodge is located at this website if it is the one on the Gunflint Trail:

New Scenic Cafe is located at 5461 North Shore Drive. They have very gourmet type food by the seasons.

Hermantown Storage is donating a unit worth $330.00. I could sure use that next week. They are on Here’s their website:

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