Provider Tax On Your Medical Bills

In Minnesota we are charged a provider tax. I was wondering what this was  all about. I had even asked other employees at the clinic I go to, who didn’t seem to know but also wondered.  That provider tax that you pay goes to Minnesota Care for those who can’t afford to pay.  (It shows up on insurance bills that you get each time you go to the physican.) The more  bills you have, the more provider tax you pay and the  more you help with Minnesota Care patients. I understand now and I am okay with that. The money has to come from somewhere. It may of said it in some small pamphlet that I never read. It’s good to ask. I just couldn’t believe it took me a year to get the answer. I vaguely remember this passing in some state budget. Those of you who never go to the doctor; you are not paying for Minnesota Care.

At first I thought it had to do with the fact that The Duluth Clinic was for profit. (I don’t know if this has changed since they became part of Essentia Health. They are a level 3 provider.) I thought it was a sales tax they were charging. I think everyone looks at their medical bills to see if they have enough deductions with medical for taxes, if they file long form. 

I am still wondering how these folks who qualify could be deducting something, even though small that goes to other patients. Maybe that is how complicated our tax system is and I wish it was simple. I hate all the paper glunk.