What Is Going To Happen To Unions, Overhaul Of Leaders, Lack Of Medical Care

Here are my rambling thoughts….

I saw on the Rachael M…Show the other night  that “union killing is a  political  move.” I know we  need  government  cuts.  Is Wisconsin really in that bad of shape financially? Why hasn’t the former governor of Wisconsin been on TV? I haven’t seen him be interviewed as of yet.  I thought I heard that Wisconsin’s deficient if half of  what Minnesota needs to cut from the  July 1, 2011 onward budget. (Correct me if I am wrong.)

I think it is wrong to pick on the teachers, firemen, policemen…..They make peanuts compared to other professions, but  its because their salary is paid by government monies. Teachers spent their lives going back to school to constantly being renewed as professional folks and are paid less for a very stressful job. (Take it from me, I have taught most all grades in my life time.)

Now there is blood shed in Libia. Egypt and Libia  have had border wars since 1977. There has been crimes against foreigners due to poverty for years. Now they want to overthrow their leader as was done in Egypt.  He sounds like a lunatic from the funny farm. The vivid pictures of them bombing and burning people are disgusting. Everyone wants their freedom, and they don’t want their rights  taken away.  Poverty is the root of a lot of the covered up crime. We are in a state of white and blue collars crimes in this world. If people are being raped of their rights, they should rebel. It should not be that governement controlling the people.

I am not against socialized medicine. Everyone should be able to live healthy. Lots of folks want a single payer health plan in Minnesota. I admit I don’t know enough about it to comment one way or other. I do feel people shouldn’t die due to lack of treatments. You’d be surprised at what happens in our own community, state, and country. There are folks that would kick the poor to the corners, after taking all they could. (It’s enough to make ones blood boil.)