Religion And Inspiration, Something To Think About

I think it is in First Timonthy where  he says  the love of  money   is  the  root of all kinds of evil. We need to have faith in someone other than “things.”  A supreme being would be more inspirational.

If we love money and have lots of wants, we really are slaves to the wrong thing in this world. I know we  are living in a broken world, and  live everyday with “fear mongoring.”  It’s important to not worry so much. Worry actually takes us away from something more supreme, whether if be Jesus or God or someone else.  We need to have trust and have faith that everything will work out. If we are slaves to money and things, we are really barking up the right tree. I know we are not dogs but acting like a dog who wants instant gradification is not a good thing.  I think about the craziness in our world and wonder where it is all going. Worry only takes away from a healthy life style, makes us angry, and leads us down a path that is not so inspirational.

When we have faith, whether it be in Christ, Jesus, God or some other supreme being, we won’t be lead into “fear mongoring.” We will not wallow in the evils that tear us down daily.  Remember lots of people are upon hard times.  (It causes us to look at our neighhors more, the people that have  more, doesn’t it?)

We all come into this world with nothing and leave with nothing. The good news is that we leave with the friendships we have made, the families we have built, the careers we worked so hard at that have fullfilled  our dreams and passions in life. If we can leave having helped others, made a mark that was good and worthy, that is important.

What is important can not always be felt or touched. It may be a reflection, some evidence of the morals and decisions we made in this life. We need to teach our children values as we live we live by them everyday.

It’s important to not be enslaved to addicitons, buying and spending addictions, and even hoarding. We need to simplify and make our lives green. Don’t be beholden to things, they are only things. Do not be a slave to things or objects.

If we love stuff too much, we are moving away from our true purpose in life, whether it be  God, Christ or some other supreme being.

I know Jesus said we are all slaves.  I remember Mathrew tellling us we cannot serve both God and Money.  He tells us to not worry about life, what we eat and drink, about our body, and what we wear. I think it is Verse 25, chapter 6.  He goes on to tell us to look at the birds in the air, they do not sow or reap or store in barns.  We need to appreciate what has been given to us, that which is beautiful. This  world was created with an amazing landscape of wonder. We are blessed with four seasons and the majesty that it provides.