Is National Nutrition Month is the best website to sign up for. I am getting great information flying into my e-mail box from:

They have suggestions on Grocery Shopping and Nutrition Tips. They have  taken ideas from the Consumer Action Handbook on how to save money at the grocery store.  I know what I save goes right into my pocket for something else.

We should be using a gocery list and following it. I know I should never send my huband there; he buys extra stuff. These things are not on sale nor with a coupon.

Some folks shop at lower priced stores for the same product. I think one needs to go many places to get the best deal, if you have the time.  I have found that out with pop (my husband drinks it) and dog food are cheaper at certain stores.

Stocking up on certain foods that are lower cost, on sale, from Sam’s Club sometimes helps. Sometimes you are better off buying some items with a coupon than in bulk.

Coupon and price comparison is important.

They have dietary guidelines on the website and talk about how important it is to read the labels. They have nutrition information  for kids on one  website: (kids stuff;  teaching  families the correct way to eat)

There are other websites such as: (This is on meal planning.)

There are so many resources like Healthy Recipes, Standards for Organic Produce, Food Inspection and Grading, and the list goes on and on.