There Was Action At Central After School Today/Vets

There was some real action at Central High School after soon today. (I was subsitute teacher in the afternoon.) One third or less of the parking lot  was taped off with yellow tape and there were more than a few police officers up there. I had heard there was something in a car.

Teachers are still great people, work very hard at doing they best job they can possibly do, and don’t get all the credit they so deserve. There are lots of great students at Central as well. I met a student who graduated in 2005 and wants to be  a teacher. Some folks haven’t been scared off about being a teacher. I learned “some new stuff ” today about the advantages they have on their computers. I had never heard of gaggle before, and I learned some new skills. We are never too old to learn. I think we have some great English teachers at Central.

Did you read the article in “Time” magazine about the soldier who had “Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome” that killed his family in Superior last year? This article was informative and told all the details. Everyone should read it. We really need to help our vets more. They have served and deserve to be helped when they come home.