My Computer E-mail Had A Tsunami

I know recall why the friend who fixed my computer awhile back told me to only send out a few e-mails at a time. He added lots of security on my computer and works in that area at a major hospital. Okay, in a hurry, I tried to send out too many e-mail before heading off for the day and my computer e-mail locked. It send out the same E-mail like a Tsunami 20 and 30 times. Oh, my gosh, what a nigh mare on Elm Street that was. I was gone for the whole day. My husband is not that much of a compute guru, so he didn’t have any idea on what to do. I have so many people on my E-mail that I really need to purge it on. Sorry to all those who were hit multiple times by the E-mail Tsunami, Peggy Anderson. Things like this do happen once in a life time.

I am told by very reliable source

It’s snowing out and the old man is not snoring. I talked to a relative yesterday from out of town. She said, “We are better living in Minnesota with storms and snow than Japan.” Right now I am thinking that. Let’s count our blessings on this Saturday.  It is really scary about the nuclear  power plants in Japan. I wonder if they will get it under control. Will the people and the ozone level be affected?