Teachers Flaunting?

I was blown away to read a letter in the Duluth News Tribune Letter To The Editor that stated ” School teachers, unshamedly flaunt clevage and are copied by students. It is used to be illegal to expose yourself to minors. Who teaches self control, respectful behavior and modesty anymore?” I was so shocked by this comment.

In all the years I was a teacher in Duluth Schools, I never saw a teacher flaunt her personal body parts. My husband and I are both retired teachers and substitute teacher off and on. We  have never seen this happen in Duluth Public Schools. Where are these Playgirl teachers? My husband  saw parents come to conferences with personal body parts buldging out. 

I am concerned that students show their clevage nowdays and nothing is done about it in the schools and at home. Years ago students were send home or told they had to wear something over it there top. Then there are male students with their pants hanging down and they have to pull them up all the time. I have seen their undies or boxers many a time in the hallway, as other students try to pull them down as well. I admit I have not seen this in recent months.

I do agree with the writer on all other issues that Society Must Fight Oversexualization of Young Girls. She made some excellent points.

What is the parents role in how students dress? Are they no longer the parents? One wonders why the schools have to be the parents and tell students how to dress on another note.

The same behavior is displayed by a wife of an Essentia employee flaunting bras over breast cancer, as though it was a joke to have breast cancer.  There are many who take offense to it. This is an organization that has been (or still is) promoted by Essentia Health.