Turning One’s Cholesterol And Triglycerides Around

Can one turn their cholesterol and triglycerides around? I did. When you think of a person with triglycerides of 394 and my last test was  156, that’s  pretty amazing.

Since last June I have been taking 4 fish oil pills per day from Life Extensions. I was taking slow niacin (over the counter). My cholesterol went down, but my bad guys or LDL went up, so I went off of the slow niacin after my last physical.

My doctor put me on Prevastin (clinical trial) for people with hereditary problems with cholesterol and triglycerides. My cholesterol is now 193 from two tests ago of 263. Pretty good, I’d say.

My HDL has gone up 3 points. That’s the good guys. Watch out those good guys have their boxing gloves on and ready to fight in round 2.

My LDL from 167 on the previous test is now 124 on the last test.  

My ALT is know in the normal range after continual high scores.

It all goes to show that the right medications can and do work. I am almost normal. (Some may debate that! Some may say I am one bubble off.)

Being busy has kept me from having the munchies. I sometimes get so busy I don’t have time to eat three squares a day.