Should SMDC Clean House On Uncaring Workers?

I thought it was just me. I called to get a pre-authorization for a drug infusion since my insurance company has been managed health since 6/2010. After talking to someone 4 times, I got a call back that I didn’t need a pre-authorization. I just wanted to make sure that I wouldn’t get stuck with this very big bill. (I have the feeling I will.) When one has managed health care, you can’t take anything for granted that is it covered.

A Bird Walk: When you have a drug insurance company sending your list of medical prescriptions to the head of a pharmacy school in another state, and then they send you a letter wanting to discuss your preventative prescriptions drugs, I would say that is a Hippa violation. I share only my prescriptions and medical information at the University of Minnesota Duluth and one particular department.

My relative asked for her medical procedure tests to be sent to her over a month ago. This was the first time she requested the records so she could hand deliver the procedure tests  (on a CD) to a Twin Cities Clinic. She went to the appointment, and and she was missing most of the procedures on the CD.

The specialist in the cities asked for these to be sent, so he could make a complete evaluation. (Another expense.) She requested them again. Do you think they have been sent? The answer is “No,” and it has been one month. They tried to tell her that each procedure is controlled by different departments. MRI’s come from the same department. Medical Records sends then the release of information.  She has not had the procedure done and is in chronic pain. This is pretty unbeleivable. Is this the patient above all else? I think Essentia needs to clean house.

It’s just like the patholigst who mis-diagnoised me in 2004 with the incorrect breast cancer diagnosis.  Yup, we know who that person is and where he is located and  just like the technican who sent me home with cancer for a botched procedure from one half of a procedure.

Should we pay people for medical errors and not putting the patient first above all else? I know what many would say they need some training on treating people.