Breast Cancer In China And Here

A study showed that 1/3 of breast cancer in China occurs at the average age of 40 due to environment, lifestyle, diet and genetics. This is 10 years younger than in the western culture. Our average age is 50 years of age. Two thirds of our breast cancer is positive for estrogen/progesterone which may well be linked to our environment, diet, lifestyle, and some genetics (5-10%).

I think of young girls using make up and facial products with certain chemicals can be causing  hormonal imbalances. I think of those teens who drink and smoke; I wonder what effect it has on their hormones.

A blurb in my Whole Foods bulletin states that according to conservative estimates by the Clean Water Fund in Washington D.C. the average American use 40 pounds of toxic household cleaning products—this is chlorine bleach, formaldehyde, phosphates, phthates, petroleum products, and sulfuric acids each year.  I know several breast cancer patients who clean houses. Is it caused by the chemicals? Makes one wonder, doesn’t it?