MN Teen Challenge/Walk for Hope

April 06


What is the Minnesota Teen Challenge Program? It is a faith based drug and alcohol program for adults (and older teens) who want a real freedom from addiction. They have several programs available. There is licensed out-patient services, residential and non-residential options. Most insurance is accepted.

Minnesota Teen Challenge is having a “Walk for Hope” event Saturday, May 21st from 8:30 a.m.-Noon. Check out their website for details:

Grab your shoes, walk for hope, earn a T-shirt, participate in a pizza and spaghetti buffet and listen to their choir. Where? Grandma’s Sports Garden. You can win prizes from raising money like a water bottle, umbrella, cooler or even an Apple IPod Shuffle. It’s only $15.00 to particpate for a great cause!

Residential Life Care Programs include: 13-15 month residential program which is focused on physical, emotional and spiritual wholeness. You can learn the essentials of life skills including goal setting, financial management, personal relationships, and the family dynamics you may be experiencing. There is extensive aftercare planning to help students transition back into their communities. They are noted for their very high success rate. There is GED programming available as well.

Out patient treatment: They accept both men and women. This treatment program is licensed by the MN Department of Human Services. It is approximately 10 hours per week. They meet on nights and weekends. Most insurance is accepted.

A lot of their info is based on the Wilder Study.

To find out more go to this website:

Mn Teen Challenge Northland Campus

2 East 2nd Street

Duluth, MN 55802

Call: 1.218.529.FREE or 3733


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