Restorative Practice, How To Practice Living

Men as Peacemakers has a program called Restorative Practice, it’s all about how to practice living. Crime, violence, racial conflict, divisive issues rip apart the beautiful fabric of a community. Restorative practices are about restoring individuals and communities to wholeness. If you want someone to speak on this issue contact Nathan Kest or

This organization is located at 205 W. 2nd St., Duluth, 55807. Their mission is faciliating difficult diaglogues concerning divisive issues in the community. They support the repartation of harm caused by crime and violence and provide services to schools through training and staff developmen, Their services include providing community education about the restorative practice paradigm and trainings through the Peace Circle process.

Men as Peacemakers have a mission: to foster and develop peacemakers through modeling, mentoring, storytelling and dialogue.

Programs they have are STOP which is on shoplifting and the theft offender prevention program. There is also RISK which is a restorative initiative program supporting kids and a Restorative Girls Program.  There is the SIRP program that is a student introduction program to restorative practices, and a peer circle program that includes many youth and students. There is the victim healing and support circle as well.

Did I say they have training, classes, seminars, and staff program, and summer school workshops? Impressive and what our community needs.