Teacher’s Don’t Have It Easy

If anyone thinks that teachers at the high school level have it easy nowdays they are wrong. It is more difficult. Small classrooms, lots of kids, and the heat temperature leaves something to be desired. I don’t know if it is all the hormones, all the bodies in small classrooms but it makes it a more difficult teaching and learning experience for many.

Teachers do work very hard. Students don’t have it easy sitting on those hard chairs hour after hour.

I was inspired by the integration of art work into English classes now days. Students putting famous quotes on paper on the wall, the positiveness of three English teachers at Central. I have been in their classes several times. They know their content and teach with enthusiasm. I don’t remember my English teachers being that enthusiastic. That was long ago though.

Some special education classrooms are in regular closets.

Well, years ago students behaved and did what their teachers told them. Today it’s all restorative learning. A kid will wear a hat in the hall, come to class with a snack or can of pop. Does the teacher take away from the rest of the students to get into a power struggle?  Years ago they would, today they are gentler and softer in their approach.

Teaching is  no picnic nowdays. You have to love working with teens and young adults. “It’s all in the vocabulary.”

I cannot understand why people pick on the salaries of public employees, especially teachers. They work very hard at their jobs, take home work, work on it before school, after school, give students one on one help. It was teachers who taught doctors and lawyers. They don’t pick on these people because they are not public  paid employees.

Teachers are becoming the middle class poor, less benefits, more education that many other fields, as they have to continually become re-certified every 5 years, 125 credits/renewal units. How many professions is that required to complete these many credits during their working career?