Caring About Your Chompers

I noticed when I was gone to DC that a tooth of mine turned black; the nerve must of died. I thought it was interesting since I had several x-rays by two different dentists this winter. I have a cyst that has been annoying in my mouth.  I have complained about it to a doctor and a dentist.

I am wondering if it caused the nerve to die. Well, I will find ou in a few weeks. Stay tuned for The Dead Tooth Mystery on Channel 8.

Healthy teeth and gums are imporant in preventing heart disease, especially periodontial disease. If you have gum disease, you may well have a pocket of bacteria, and it can play havoc on your heart.

Did you know that it is better to drink clean tap water than bottled water? Filtered water that doesn’t go through lead pipes that is. This is because there is no fluroide in water bottles and when bottles of water sit in the sun they can leach chemicals. Chemicals are thought to cause health problems. We are full of chemicals, and we should do something about it. Check out the research. More needs to be done. We are a country of bottled water, as these bottles fill our landfill.

Be sure to not let your mouth get dry. It can be caused from medications. A dry mouth can have an affect on your dental cavities. I have a totally dry mouth. I have to drink water before I go to bed. There are mouth sprays you can use too. I sometimes use these.

Always take care of your teeth. Everyone should use dental floss and an electric tooth brush is really important if you have dental issues. Even exercise is thought to help lower gum disease. Don’t ask me how. Maybe it is a blood flow issue. Maybe not. Maybe we should stand on our head once a day.