Domestic Violence

Could there be domestic violence in your home, your family members or friends home?  I came across this fly at WITC about domestic violence, “Are you with an abusive person?”

Traits to look for in an abuser.

1.Controlling Behavior


3.Quick Involvement-They want you to committee to a relationship.

4.Isolation-They cut you off from your friends.

5.Unrealistic Expectations-They want you to be perfect.

6.Blames others for his feelings or problems.

7.Playful Use of Force During Sex

8.Verbal Abuse

9.Abuse of Children or Animals

10.Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde Personality

11.Threatening Violence

12.Force During An Arguement

13.Breaking or Hitting Things

-Be sure to contact a local domestic violence or abuse shelter. You can also contact the police or sheriff’s department.