Circle Of Support

Circle of Support is a breast cancer support group that meets at The Duluth Grill  10 x per year and has been in operation since 2005. It is run by Peggy Anderson, a breast cancer survivor.

Circle of Support is not affilated with any other support group, even though someone else has tried to steal the name and make it their own in 2011.  

Anderson was affilated with The Survivor Sistership Team for years but in the last three years has been affilated as she was instrumental in starting The Many Faces of Breast Cancer Teams with two other women.  Circle of Hope which is a 501-c-3 non-profit in January of 2010.

Anderson is a member of NBCC, The National Breast Cancer since 2006 and a member of The MN Breast Cancer Coalition  since 2006.

Circle of Hope, (Circle of Support and The Many Faces of Breast Cancer Teams) are under Circle of Hope, Duluth and recognized as a non-profit with the federal government since January 5, 2010.

Anderson wrote the book, Dear Auntie, Why Me? to raise money for SMDC years ago.

Anderson is not affilated with YSC in Duluth and has never been a member. (Several people have asked her if she is connected.) YSC is for women 40 and younger.