Reducing Breast Cancer Risk

“Do as I say, not as you do.” That may be some women’s motto. “Drink and be merry” should not be the motto. I guess everyone makes their own choices but if you market it as such but organization are liable considering if it is geared just to breast cancer patients.

Dr. Fuhrman (from Dr. Fuhrman Online, Inc.) says to not drink alcohol, and it is listed as one of the 10 strategies for preventing breast cancer.  His exact words are” More than fifty studies have been conducted on the influence of alcohol on breast cancer risk. Meta-analyses of these studies have concluded that having on alcoholic drink per day increases risk at least 7-10%, and the risk increases further with more alcohol. In breast cancer survivors, drinking 3-4 alcoholic beverages per week increasedthe risk of recurrence by 34%.” One wonders if it is worth the risk, especially with high risk patients and those who are metastatic. I get E-mails with events from across the country, and I wonder if they consider this factor.

Dr. Fuhrman puts out a great newsletter and states the ways to decrease your risk. It is worth subscribing to online.

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Try this direct link: and if you want to reach him go to: mdoffice@drfuhrman.com

I think he has some great points even as far as smoking, as he states, “Breast carcinogens have been identified in cigarette smoke, and they are known to enter the bloodstream via the lungs and travel to breast tissue, putting smokers at risk.” I have always known that cancer doesn’t like oxygen.

What I like about his information is that it is all foot noted, and documented.  I think he is on the right track.

Promoting drinking activities with breast cancer patients only is not the way to go, unless one has a lot of liablity insurance. Families may come back and sue your organization.

We all have cancerous cells that can multiply as we age, especially cells that go rouge and want to be the bad boys.

One wonders why some families live to a ripe old age and never get cancer. They must of lived a clean life, ate a lot of healthy food with lots of omega 3 DHA (anti-inflammatory acids), reduced their animal protein consumption, ate lot of healthy veggies (enough folic acid, enough mushrooms, onions,), didn’t take HRT, nursed their babies, maybe ate enough ligans (ie flax seed), exercised enough, maintained a healthy weight, ate enough seeds and fiber as our ancestors, didn’t burn their meat on the grill, ate enough vitamin D, and always ate a well balanced diet.