Just Came Back From Graduation/UWS

I really do like UWS. My son-in- law graduated today. Our daughter got her master’s degree there, and our son got a 2 year degree there long ago. It was a packed ceremony and one to be savored. Not too many folks with two year degrees, most received 4 year degrees. Some received Master’s degree and one a specialists degree. I had forgot how people yell out, the band bangs out music for fellow musicans and some folks rang bells. It was a little louder than those high school graduations that we remember. How can we forget those? 

 There was a brunch before it; for those who wanted to par take at a pricce. A relative by marriage was not there, but she is running in the whole Grandma’s Marathon. She was recently hired at Essentia for a very technical type job.

Isn’t the world to come to an end in 5 minutes? I think I better go and hold on to my barnyard animals. The big black dog, the friendly cat, and orange dog. 

Decided to have a rib feast tonight with those garlic rosemary potatoes that we so love. I say its comfort food. The best ribs are at Barker’s Island on rib Thursday night and at Grizzly’s. Now that is my opionion. I have heard there are lots of other great places. What do we do on a rainy day? Feed ourselves well.

I feel like I have been a real bum this weekend. I did even go to some rummage sales around my house for the fun of it. Doesn’t that feed the hording that people do. I can’t believe all the frames, paintings, and baskets that I saw this weekend. Don’t forget the baby clothes. It was enough for a whole store. I am going to a shower in June, so I am looking for some specific items. I already have the new gifts. Some new, something used, something loved.