Cancer Facts, Federal Trade Commission And More

Do you want to find out the real cancer facts? You can call the epidemilogist in your state. If you want more general cancer facts go to the SEER Facts. There are more up to date facts with your state pidemilogist. ACS gets their cancer facts from this source.

The Federal Trade Commission is there to protect America’s Consumers.

Go to:

This website will bring you right to medical identity theft, the ill effects of medical identity theft, an ounce of prevention, detecting identity theft, bouncing back from medical identity theft, and other steps to consider. Did you know that you can get your medical records and correct them? All the website links are on here. I found myself married to someone I didn’t know after requesting my SMDC records years ago. I always request my medical records.  I personally feel that our rights can be violated and you should file a complaint if somone has violated your rights:

What is Melissa Data? You can find out all the E-mail addresses under your name and see if someone has been creating E-mail addresses under your name. I did. You can also find out where an IP address is coming from. There is more to it when you are trying to look up spam. I have traced some spam to specific people.