Spam, B12 Worm

How can one reduce spam on their blogs? One way is to delete the article they are spamming over and over. You can run off the spamed article and send it to someone who can do something about it. In other words, report them. I actually have  a large file of the common spammers.

I had a B12 worm on my computer and had to have it removed by a professional computer repair  person. Actually it was my neighbor who has this type of business. You can download a way to remove it but when it is locked in there it is hard. You have to be careful because there are programs that want to attach on your computer. There are people who send out E-mails and articles that have spam attached. There are security programs that are not able to pick up this particular worm.

I am lucky to have an external hard drive where everything is being backed up day after day. It was worth the money.