3 D Mammagrams Are New, More Accurate

The other night I saw on ABC News  information  about 3 D mammograms, so I went on their website and watched the video. I think there is about 8 major medical centers that now have 3 D mammograms. (I read that in another article.)  These 3 D machines take 15 images or 40-60 pictures compared to 1 picture with a 2 D mammogram. I thought it was interesting because it said that it picks up those irregularly shaped sunsbursts. Right now mammograms pick up round lumps that are not breast cancer.  Not all seen is breast cancer. Isn’t that scary that one could have had your breasts cut off for nothing.

Some one asked about radiation, and it was said that there was a minimal amount of radiation. If a person is concerned about their results, they may want to have a second opinion by a 3 D. We don’t have one in MN. (Don’t quote me because I don’t have the article in front of me; I think Chicago has the closest 3 D for Minnesotans.)


I actually wrote and got this link from ABC.

Since I know a few men with breast cancer I thought this might be interesting to them as well.