Senator Reinert To Speak At Kiwanis

Senator J. Reinert will be speaking at at Kiwanis luncheon tomorrow, Wednesday, June 15th.  It will be interesting to hear what he has to say when we are going through such difficult times at the Legislature. What will be cut? Will the government shut  down July 1st? We are all worried about the state government and the federal government.

Reinert ran for this MN House seat because we had difficult issues facing Duluth that required help in St. Paul. Duluth needed a partnership or permission in some way or other.  Every major issue-solving retiree health care, improving our streets, stopping sewer overflows, fixing the zoo, restoring parks and library services requires our representatives to be successful at the MN Capitol.

He is a strong advocate for our natural resources. Roger feels we need to restore Minnesota’s position as the nation’s leader in education and we do need affordable health care. He goes on to state that our infrastucture needs attention more than ever. We all know that it is experienced leadership and a focus on core industries that will attract good living wage jobs in our region.

If you are interested in attending this luncheon contact our secretary, Carol at 1.218.591.2577. If you are interested in finding out about being a Kiwanis member, contact that member to be a guest. Whose a Kiwanis member? Who are these movers and shakers? This is the Kiwanis club that puts on the Kiwanis TV auction to raise money for youth programs in the region, give scholarships, and much more. We have lots of great speakers. These are speaker luncheons most every week.