Formaldehyde And Leukemia

The EPA lists formaldehyde as a probable rather than a known carcinogen, even though there are three studies  have strengthened its ties to other forms of cancer.

Senator Vitter of La helped to slow the process of  the updated testing of  a 20 year old assessment of formaldehyde. He was supported by the companies that were producing and using it.

Remember Hurricane Katrina and how the people were housed in government trailers that were contaminated with formaldehyde? These people and their children suffered from respiratory problems.

The EPA has been trying since 1998 to update the formaldehyde assessment.

“The health of individuals should be above all else” or in other words “the patient above all else.”  Wasn’t that on a billboard in Duluth? For what hospital or clinic?

There are health experts that site how PCE or perchloroethylene is an example of how reviews can drag out for years. PCE is used in dry cleaning and is found in high concentrations at military bases. It has been liked to leukemia as is formaldehyde. The EPA’s conclusion was that it was likely a carcinogen. Some feel that there is a slant toward the  industries that produces these products.

We as citzens need to know who funds political campaigns and who does fundraisers for various political candidates. Vitter is an example. It should be published in the paper and on the Internet. 

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