James Moors and Bill/Kate Isles

June 16

The Luck of The Irish Trip:

I was looking on one of our donors website and noticed that he and his friend are involved with a trip to Ireland September 23rd-October 1st, 2011, and there are only 8 spaces left as of 2/25.  This trip is to the three beautiful counties of Cork, Kerry and Clare. Tom Pigott is the guide and has been to Ireland many a time. I wonder if James Morrs and Kort McCumber will be singing. (I have that CD  as well.)  The whole iternary is there on the website. The cost of this trip is $2,050 per person. I was thinking I should send this to some of my friends who travel a lot.   The information can be accessed on this website:

Check out where he performs.

I will some day be going to Ireland.  I am 1/4th Irish. Someone in Kiwanis just came back from there. He had me thinking about Ireland and the luck of the Irish again.

Too short of notice, I noticed that another donor, Bill and Kate Isles are have a tour trip June 2012, and it is listed on their website.

I love their singing. They have some great music. Check out where they perform on their link.


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