I Need Music

Don’t you just hate it when you get tied up in traffic? Bring your lunch or breakfast because it isn’t getting any better on the freeway.

Traffic jams; I hate them.

Now we have rain. It was so rainy and windy last night. Water has appeared in my garage. Branches are down on the streets. The paper carrier was even walking the block. I don’t know if he was talking the talk.

I need some musical inspiration, as I get inspired by it.

Here are some links to listen to this a.m.

Sara Thomsen




I love all of Sara’s songs along with many others.  Okay, when I die I don’t want the Blues Funeral (Celebrate with Cool and Gang) or the Who Let The Dogs Out Funeral, I have decided to have it be a concert at Sacred Heart of great singers. I believe in celebating life. I have to pre-plan it because my kids might change it around.

My friends have already geared themselves up for dancing in the aisle to Who Let The Dogs Out. They still want to do that but I don’t think it will work out with what I am planning now.  (My husband actually doesn’t like my sense of humor. I love to think of things outside the box.)

Did you laugh today for 15 minutes? Laugh everyday. Play a joke on someone today. Celebrate this moment in time.