Who’s In Your Hood?

We all love to hang around with our hood of friends. They make us feel complete, they support us even when we feel ishy. They love us unconditionally. They respect our thoughts, dreams, and goals. Some of us hang with a healthy hood of friends. Some of us hang out with people we can help. Helping one another is important as well.

My hood this Saturday is The Blessing of the Animals. All people are welcome. If you don’t have an animal, bring a stuffed animal.

-Be sure your live animal is on a lease.

-Each person wll be blessing their own pet with Holy water that has been pre-blessed. You just come up with your pet and dab your hand in the blessed water in the gigantic dog bowl, bless your animal.

Where? Faith Lutheran Church, The Prayer Garden. 51st Avenue East and Glenwood Street. We also have  an outdoor stage.

We have a blessing service from 11:00-11:20 a.m. or longer. You can be an adult or child or anything in between.

-Bring a prayer, a poem, or take one out of the basket to read. Just read LOUD so we can all hear you.

The service will start off with something read by me, a former teacher. Then I will read the ten commandements for pets that I have come up with. Then people and kidos will be asked to come up and read if they so choose.

Food will be served from 11:21-1:00. It is on sale for a bargain at $2.00. That would be”Hot” dogs, “Brat” dogs, Chippy chips & Swamp pop (that’s various kinds of pop).

Free dog biscuits and cat treats are avalable for the little ones or big ones.

This is our first year of having this event.

Free educaitonal handout table.

The sale of the food will be divided between Animal Allies and Faith Lutheran Church.