Heart Healthy

Do we all live “a heart healthy” life style? People are still smoking, and it is bad for your heart, lungs, arteries. Second hand smoke is worse. I grew up in a home of parents that were chain smokers, a few packs a day was nothing.

Everyone needs to be physically fit by “moving and groving” at least 30 minutes a day. Walking even counts. The more sweating to the oldies the better.

Being overweight is not healthy. We need to get rid of “the inter tubes” around our belly. Looking like you are caring around a baby is not healthy. It has an effect on your blood pressure, your heart, puts you at risk for heart disease and even diabetes.

Eat healthy. “Have a veggie party every day.”  Eat unsaturated fat, whole grains, fruits, don’t eat a lot of processed foods, and reduce the salt. I know a doctor once told me to cut out the white potatoes; too much starch and they are not that healthy. Potatoes and bananas are good for those who need potassium due to stations in their diet.  Whole wheat breads are better for you. Cut down on the color red in meat and eat fish. Skip the pop. Don’t drink alcohol. Eat more beans, and nuts like your ancestors.

Sign up for Healthbeat, Harvard Medical School newsletter. They have a great booklet called “Healthy Eating for a Healthy Heart.”