Health Care, Obesity, Tuition Costs

Health Care is costing us a bundle; that’s for sure. It is really scary with the State of MN shutting down and all the non-profits that will be effected. What is going to happen to the tens of thousands of poor, disabled and elderly who are state funded health care? Will they be let in the emergency room at higher cost.  I don’t think hospitals can turn them away. That’s going to cost the tax payers more money. What was cut, and what wasn’t cut?   I hope they didn’t cut the state funded health care. They tried to not cut some critical services.

Just think about obestity and how it has more than doubled in 40 years. Did you know that 14.5 % of adults in the U.S. were obese in 1971 and know that per cent has really increased. Overeating has increased the nations medical bills. What should be done?  Is some food cheaper than others and more unhealthy? I think we know the answer to that one.

We are 23rd in the world due to poverty and very spotty health care according to an article that was in Business Week.

The other day as I was driving somewhere I heard about the highly paid people at the main U, top administrators and the salaries they made. I think it was the Brad Benett show.  It doesn’t seen fair when students tutition keeps going up, and they can hardly afford to go to college. Should our prioritites be with keeping tuition affordable for students to continue their education and prepare for the world of work? How would you vote?