Lakeside Has Cafa Latte

July 17

Lakeside has a Cafe Latte restaurant like they do in Hermantown. It is located at 4429 E. Superior Street. Sandwiches run between $4.00-$6.00. They even have oatmeal with add ons for those folks on the go ($3.95). I had a strawberry smoothie today, as we me with two other couples and we solved all the problems of the world.

Sandwiches include: Ham and Swiss, Bacon and Basil, Turkey and Bacon, Spicy Turkey, Turkey, Basil and Rasphberry, B.L.T., Club Sandwiches, Roast Beef and provolone, Breakfast Bagel, Italian Pastrami, Chicken and Artichoke, Ham with Honey Mustard, Chicken with Smoked Chipotle Sauce, Chicken Bacon Ranch, Baji chicken Cashew.  I am not sure you can get all sandwiches each day. On Wednesday they have a Chicken Wild Rice Wrap. A frined of mine had it and loved it. I read that they have free wireless Internet Access.

Yes, they have so many flavors of slushies. They have cookies, muffins and much more.

Hot drinks include: Cappuccino, Latte, Brewed Coffee, Casa Steamer, Casa Chai Latte, Casa Macchlato, Mocha Late, Mexican Hot Chocolate, and Kid’s Coco. They will do add on shots as extra expresso, flavor shots, breve, and/or soy.

Cold Drinks include: Asa Teaz, Lite Casa, Casa Creamz, Cool Sicles, Cool Casa, Energy Blast Slushies, and Protein Shakes.


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