DTA, Ride The Bus, Go Green

I have to admit I have only been on the DTA’s website a couple of times. Today I read all the details on it. It has a Plan and Ride section where you can figure out the time you will arrive at a location. Too many of us in MN are not going green. I remember my husband the other day paying $42.00 to fill up his older pick up truck. Ouch. That hurt.

The Duluth Transit Authority or DTA has a weather up date on it, rider alerts, the bus schedule, riders guide, accessiblity instuctions, how to use the bike rack, a video,  a mobile player and even the cost of Teen Summer passes with the fun perks (There are many). There is a lot more on this website. You schould check it out.


Where’s the DTA’s main office? 2402 West Michigan Street, 55806. Call 1.218.7283 or 1.218.722.SAVE. The e-mail is dta@duluthtransit.com