The City’s Recreation

Today Amy Norris from the City of Duluth spoke at Kiwanis of Friendly Duluth. She talked about transparency and how citizens are demanding to know where their tax dollars are going.  (We have gone from financial straits to a balanced budget. It has not been easy making changes but it was for the betterment of our city.) 

She told us that groups have taken over community centers with partnerships such as Morton Park, Irving, Norton, Lester Park, Lincoln and the list goes on. I asked about the meals that seniors get at the centers, it’s $3.50, very nutritional and balanced. It is through AOE.

We learned that former Mayor Snively called Duluth ” A Sea of Pearls.” We go from bedroom communities all across the city, Smithville etc.

We learned a lot. We found out there are 129 municipal type parks and places that are in our city. We have two city golf courses, 1 dog park, a disk golf course (a very fast growing hobby), and we have state parks,. Thethe zoo is under different management.  There’s Wade and Wheeler fields. We have about 40 miles of mountain bike trails, 55 miles to hike on for city residents. The Lake Walk is 7.3 miles and soon will go all the way to Brighton Beach; well maybe not that soon. There  are 45 miles of snowmobile trails, 7 something for cross country trails, and 17 hiking trails.

Our mayor has dealt with some difficult financial issues and with the help of others they have sorted out what is essential and non-essential. Maybe that is why our mayor looks older now days. I wonder if he has any gray hairs. Even Parks and Rec has only 9 employees; one third of what it use to have as employees.

Did you know that it costs $70,000 a year to clean up graffiti? I hope they catch those monkeys.

Those green shirted guys downtown are part of the Great Downtown Council. (I always wondered about these people.)

Duluth has an army of volunteers, 20,000-30,000. Wow!

Mark your calender for the Oct. 17th.  It’s  the dedication at Enger Tower. There will even be a Royals dinner.