Take The Challenge

Did you know that you can go on the DTA website and enter a drawing? The drawing ends Sept. 30th, and you will be notified if you are the winner by Oct. 1. It is sponsored by the Greater Mn Commuter Challenge. Take the bus, carpool, telecommucate, catch a vanpool, bike or ride. “Go green, save on fuel.”

There are also links to follow the DTA on Facebook, Twitter, and they are even on You Tube.

What I like is the Quick Links after you register for the Great MN Commuter Challenge? You can go to Mn/DOT and search from A to Z. One can search all state goverment websites including Mn Northstar. This is a really great resource.

Teen Summer Passes: This $55.00 pass is worth it. You also get one game of free bowling, $5.00 off to the Aquarium, $1.00 off to a Huskies game or the Duluth Zoo,  $2.00 off to the Encounter Skate Park or even a free whopper at Burger King with additional items. (Did you know that the Duluth Public Library no longer has free tickets to various musuems? I went there there the other day. That two year program ended. Write your representatives about it. It was a great program.)

Duluth Transit Authority, DTA


The Stride Program is listed on this website, the application, and who you can become eligible under the Disability Act. Check it out.

The Port City Trolley Schedule is listed. I think this is a great resource for tourists and people who have never ridden the trolley. (That’s me. I have ridden it in other cities though.)

Find out how to get a job with the DTA; the info is online.