How Can You Help The Mission?

You can help the mission in several way.

-Donate bus passes or tokens for the DTA.

-Help prepare and serve meals.

-Put on a skit, play, music program or puppet show at the mission.

-Make aprons for the volunteers and kitchen staff.

-Collect these hygiene items for the Mission: hair conditioner, shampoos, deodorant, diapers, razors, soap (dish and bar), toothpaste and toothbrushes, combs and brushes, and shaving cream.

-Christmas toys for kids are needed.

-Clothing items needed: winter boots and jackets.

-Food items needed: canned meats as chicken, pork, tuna, salmon, etc., cereals, canned meals as ravioli, lasagna, canned soups, canned fruits, jelly, macroni & cheese, Ramen noodles, rice dishes, rice, instant potatoes, hamburger helper, tuna helper, beef stew, peanut butter. They especially need peanut butter, canned meats, canned meals and canned fruits.

-Sing and play a musical insturement.

-Help with Thanksgiving donations by assembling baskets, distributing baskets, help prepare a meal, or help serve the Thanksgiving dinner.

-Collect these items for the Mission: new warm winter clothing, hygiene items, school supplies: backpacks, notebooks, folders, trappers, etc.

-They need these things for the Thanksgiving baskets: stuffing, sweet potatoes, turkeys, cranberries, margarine, pies, etc.

-For Christmas collecting toys and money for Christmas gifts and candy is needed. They need help preparing gifts, sorting, and wrapping them. They need to assemble family gifts. They need help decorating the Mission. They need help setting up for the party, serving and cleaning.