Kim Luedtke/Coach; The Federal Tax Cuts In The Future

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“Be like a bird who, pausing in her flight awhile on boughs too slight, feels them give way beneath her, and yet sings, knowing she hath wings.”-Victor Hugo

I think we will all need to think outside the box.

Have you ever felt you have mental telepathy? Have you ever predicted things before they happen? I know I have had these experiences.

The Framework of The Deal/Congressional Budget Office: I think right now we are looking at the framework of the deal to be passed this morning to raise the debt ceiling. There will be spending cuts that will incur down the road to balance the budget.  As we well know our household budget has to balance or we don’t eat nor survive. It takes a lot to survive nowdays.

It says in the paper that there will be 2.4 trillion in spending cuts over 10 years. They will cut discretionary programs in law enforcement, education, highways, everything from entitlement spending in (Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, federal pensions, VA programs and much more.)

Education in Minnnesota may involve combinding school districts as more than sixty per cent, I think sixty six per cent are always borrowing money to pay salary. Is this because there is a top heavy salary structure for administrations and some districts have spent too much on new schools? Is it because we have spend so much in the area of special education from the federal level with No Child Left Behind?

I wonder what discretionary programs in law enforcement are. I see law enforcement cut to the bone in our city. How could they cut anymore?

If they cut the highway programs much more we won’t be able to drive on them. How many people have had their head lights replaced from teh bumps? My car has had them replaced 3 times in one year. How many have had front end work done from driving over pot holes?

I think about the of over 6,000 soldiers that  have lost their lives in war and the lives that have been disrupted because of it. I see the numbers when I have watch the Nancy Grace show, and she recognizes each soldier who has died. As a parent and a citizen it sickens me. These are lost lives, lost futures, and their families suffer. (We spent all this money on saving Anthony’s life in Florida in the judical system as she put everyone under the bus. This is wrong. There was too much information with held in this case. ) I understand the purpose of war. We need to support our veterans who survived and their families when they are gone. Some veterans become homeless and suffer post traumatic stress syndrome. That maybe an understatement. Their families are effected forever. We owe them big time.

Medicare, Medicaid, Social Security…….I don’t know how we can cut these…Maybe the young people could go out and get a job or work for their checks. Some have found out how to rake the system over, even former students. Seniors have served their time and paid in. They should get an income to sustain their life and pay their bills. Those that become disabled from metastatic cancer and over treatment that caused the metastatic cancer should be served; they are often very unemployable.

Who is going to cap the high cost of medical in this country, this state, and this city? Drugs are going up. Procedures are going up. The medical bills pour in like rain. I know my husband recently had radiation treatments and so far his bill is more than $44,000.00; that is on the last bill. I remember Mary Ryland who use to be on the school board once say years ago, “Look at your neighbor.” I have thought about that many times. I am looking at my neighbors. I see the poor, the rich, the middle class who is getting poorer. Those who care for others; those who don’t care for others.

Federal pensions……maybe those should be cut to the bone. How did this happen? It happened over a period of years. Now we are in a state of crisis.  Years of political maneuvering between parties.

There could be automatic across the board spending cuts starting in 2013; cuts to Medicare would be capped and fall only on Medicare providers.

Social Security, Medicaid, federal worker pay, benefits for veterans and the poor would be exempt.

There would be no increases in taxes.

It will be interesting to see how this all shakes out. Who will get the most breaks? Who will cause the middle class to get poorer? We may have two classes of people in this country eventually.