Our Many Faces Of Breast Cancer Sponsors For 2011

Many Faces of Breast Cancer 2011 REVISED(mock-up)

Want to feel violet today for the cause?

I think Screen Graphics does a bang up job with our T-shirts every year. The first year we had green, hot pink last year, and this year we have violet. The lettering actually  pops off the back, you can feel it. They violet is even more violet than on here and the pink resonates. We do have a few extra’s if you want to support our cause. These shirts are $15.00.

 They did our Circle of Hope T-shirts as a sponsor. We just love them. These shirts are a $10.00 donation with our website on them. We don’t have all the colors in every size even though we have 3-4 boxes of these beautiful shirts to raise money for Circle of Hope breast cancer block grant program. If you live in the Duluth or the Superior region, we can deliver them to you.

Screen Graphics does a a great job with T-shirts, as you can see.