Man Denied Coverage For Breast Cancer

A man in Charleston, S.C. was denied coverage from breast cancer according to ABC News, August 7, 2011. Raymond Johhsnon is 26 years old and was turned down due to the fact that he didn’t qualfy for Medicaid in the state of South Carolina. He is single man with no children, and his income is at 200 percent of the poverty level ($21, 780).  He makes nine dollars an hour. The program he applied for was created by the Breast and Cervical Cacner Prevention and Treatment Act and is for women only. A cancer navigator through the Charleston Cancer Center helped him to apply for it. Breast cancer is rare in men. About 2,000 men in the United States develop breast cancer or 1%. When it happens it can be life threatening.

I thought Susan Komen covers those under 40 in every state with symptoms.