EMR, Duluth

We were invited to the  ribbon cutting ceremony (done by our Duluth  Chamber of Commerce) for EMR Incorporated yesterday. What fun it was to learn about another business in our community. They had a barbecue, and I got to meet the owners wife  from Kansas as well. She was such a gracious hostess, and I fell in love with her dog. I think he loved me too.  Or was it that he wanted my brats?  She was excited to go to The Blues Fest today. I hope the rain holds out, as a few of us are doing “A-ha Moments” today.  You know everytime I met people from Kansas, I think of the time our daughter drove through Kansas, and we didn’t think she would make it. We told her, “Click your heels and tell Toto to take you home.” She made it home; thanks to Toto and Dorthy.

I know in Kiwanis we have guest speakers from many business sectors of our community, and we always enjoy learning about our community businesses. These are the foundational building blocks  all across the United States. We can never forget what each business and person does in this “Pie of Life.”

What is EMR? It is a business that is 8A-Native-Owned, Woman-Owned wording on its brochure.  (I don’t know what that means, as I didn’t ask.) They have locations in Chicago, New Orleans, Duluth, Fort Worth, Niceville, Lawrence, Memphis, Minneapolis, Seattle, and Warner Robins. I also met the Vice-President  from the corporate office whose wife had breast cancer. I gave him our Circle of Hope card to give to his wife who is doing really well.  I think there is a lot of songs, tunes, and inspiration on our website. I think it is important to pass on Hope, Faith, Courage, and Inspiration along the way. To help and touch another person in a positive way is important.

Their website is their website: http://www.emr-inc.com. We had the executive tour of the building, the offices, and their trailer. We got a detailed explanation of what they do, and it was pretty amazing. They are impactful in our community as well as all across the United States.

This organization is the specialists  that deal with the environmental  oil spills, tornado damage, asbestos and so much more. These folks are  highly  trained and  educated  as environmental engineer’s, geologists, biologists, ecologists, chemists, geological engineer’s, toxicologists, and archaeologists. Their brochure is very detailed on what they do and an article will be coming out in the Duluth Budgeteeer in the near future.

I know my husband was so interested as a former careers teacher. I personally was interested in learning what they do at these sceens in Joplin, oil spills etc. that we become engaged with on our television screens. I have often wondered how they handle these tragic situations. Let me tell you it is hard on them as well as the TV viewers. Our hearts ache for these people and the people dealing with these specific sitatuations.  These  highly trained people are going all over the U.S. and are a pretty amazing group of specialists who really love what they do. Their passion emulates when they speak.

A special thanks to Jennifer Thiemann for lining up this event. Great turnout, lots of educational information, and so much syergy at this event.