Hope CD To Be Sold in Super One Grocery Stores in The Region

August 16

Circle of Hope has a CD that is a compulation of singers/musicans from the region. These are talented singers with local roots. It will be sold in the SuperOne Grocery stores by the end of the week for only $10.00.

There are many themes throughout the CD. The singers and musicans include: Bill and Kate Isles, Josh Revak, Rachael Kilgour, Kim Storm, Andy Elwell, Peter Provost, James Moors, Sara Thomsen, Jane Aas. This CD makes a beautiful gift that will give anyone hope. (More details will be coming out about these singers/ musicans.)


 The beautiful photography throughout the CD case is Dennis O’Hara’s work. (He has items for sale at The Duluth Grill.)

A special  thanks to our graphic designer and friend, Carol, who has done all the graphic design work for us at a price that we can afford.

A special thanks to our sponsor, SuperOne grocery stores in the region who have supported our efforts.

Hope Concert tickets will be sold at the Duluth Grill starting in September. (along with musicans and board members)  A special thanks to The Duluth Grill who has supported Circle of Hope from” the get go.”

The concert is Oct. 27th at Sacred Heart. The price is $10.00 as well, and they will be pre-sold. There will be a limited number of seats.







Jane Aas

Bill and Kate

Peter Provost

A special thanks to Dave Hill at Inland Recording Studio, Steve Horner/producer and engineer, Peter Aas (mandolin), Steve Kuether, songwriter at, Eric Swanson at Sacred Heart Studio at, Copycats Media at, the Junior League of Duluth at www.juniorleagueduluth.orgKiwanis Club of Friendly Duluth at, Dennis O’ Hara from Northern Images Photography at, and our friend/graphic designer, Carol at

The Duluth Grill will be selling the concert tickets in September, 2011. To pre-order call  Peggy at 1.218.525.1905 or contact any board member.











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