Josh Revak, Wounded Vet, Two Purple Hearts, Much More

Josh Revak was one of the first people to offer  songs for the “Hope”  CD.  He is Jim Anderson’s former Central student from way back. The Anderson’s maintained some contact with him through the years.  Josh worked for Tom Hanson, manager of another restaurant in town while a student at Duluth Central High School. Tom owns the Duluth Grill. Some years ago he came back to play at Barker’s Island with his band. Once in awhile through the years he has shown up at the Duluth Grill, and the Anderson’s have gotten invites.

You can’t help but love Josh. One would just like to adopt him and call him your own son. Josh strikes a cord in your mind and thoughts. It’s his belief system and his strength during times of  adversity.  He exemplifies an extraordinary story of  faith and courage. When Josh use to be on Face book he wrote, “I believe God’s plan and the pain we suffer on earth will seem as minutes when we face eternity.” One thinks that  many singers/songwriters must also be poets.

Josh sings in one of his songs, “Live each day like it was your last.” First off, music gave Josh a reason to live, a purpose in life.  Music was Josh’s voice. It  means the world to Josh, it was not just entertainment. It was stories of real life.It helped him with acceptances and closures in his life. Josh tugs at your emotions in all of his songs. Two songs that he donated for the project were Empty Boots and Sandcastles.  The Hope CD is available at Super One Grocery Stores in Duluth, Superior, Cloquet, and Two Harbors for only $10.00. (

Josh entered the Army in 2002, just out of Central High School. He comes from a family of military tradition, his grandfather was a Marine and his father was the Army. Josh snuck his guitar in a battle tank in 2003.  He stated, “I kind of smuggled it to Iraq.” Josh served in Baghdad, Karbala and outssde of Falluja.  The band they created over there was the Bandidts.  They did memorial services over there. Twelve of his best friends where killed over there.

Presently Josh works in Representative Young’s office in Anchorage, Alaska under the US Wounded Warriors Program. He will be there until 2/2012. He has received 2 Purple Hearts, 3 Army commendation medals and other distinguished awards. He served as Battle Tank Crewman in Iraq for 2 years in Support of Operation Iraq Freedom, works tiredly to reduce PTSD for families, has recorded for audiences throughout the worked, including the Pentagon, sung on The Huckabee Show (Fox News) two times, been on the Grand Ole Opray.

Sandcastles was the last song written before he became a wounded vet. It is muisc that releases something far greater for us all.  He wrote Sandcastles  with Aaron Jagger, his best friend, who was killed in Iraq. This song is dedicated to his friend,  Aaron. It was sung and written   in Iraq. 

Music helped Josh through the most trying times in his life.  In fact, his first CD was In The Hour of Darkness, Crutchhiker. He has pictures of all of his friends who sacrificed their lives to our country’s freedom. We must never forget all those who have lived and died for us in this war. They are our unspoken heroes everyday.

Some of the songs written in this CD are Bandit Man, The Other side of Baghdad, Old Bones, SandCastles, Alaska, Empty Boots, The Song, Find Your Way Back Home, Hours of Darkness, Hollywood, The Mortarman, Bad American, War Games, The Bandit Song. He actually wrote a song called Sun City when going to Iraq, a reason to go to war, giving  a purpose.

When Josh was injured in Iraq, he was in a German Hospital and was cared for by a nurse, they are now married and have two children.

The Alaska Business Monthly states Josh had worked with his good friend Army Sp. Shane Woods (Alaska’s  first combat solider killed in Iraq) to build an orphanage in 2005 in India calledThe Shane Woods House, and it is near complete. It is a testament to Shane’s heart and courage and all of the servicemen who served our country. You will ee on the website about The Shane Woods Fund.

Today Josh works in the Wounded Warrior Program in Alaska to handle benefit claims of veterans who need counciling. In a governement press release from:,  it states that Revak is not the only first member of his battalion to find sucess in music, Elvis Presley was in the same Batallion. Interesting enough Josh re-recorded Empty Boots with Elvis drummer in Nashville.



To our servicemen, we owe our thanks.

The Hope Concert is scheduled for Oct. 27th at Sacred Heart Music Center. All the singers/musicans will be there to share a few of their tunes.  Tickets will be pre-sold at the Duluth Grill starting in September for only $10.00. There will be appetizers, refreshments, a large silent auction.