Rachael Kilgour & Caleb Hawley In Concert

Mark your calendar for Friday, September 9th, 7:30 p.m. to attend the Kilgour and Hawley in Concert. The tickets are $10.00 and the concert is at Zeitgeist Arts/cafe/cinema/theater or www.teatrozuccone.com

“Raised in the Midwest and living on the East Coast, Hawley is a master of his trade. From his ability to write intricate lyrics with cutting edge chords to the lightening fast ticks and ear for taste and style, there is absolutely nothing average about the shaggy haired, blue eyed, multi-faceted musician. He has received top honors in a host of notable songwriting competitions across the country and his voice earned him a place in the final fifty on the 2011 American Idol.

Kilgour is a native Duluthian, has earned national attention and the devotion of local audiences over the past five years. She tugs at the ethical heartstrings of listeners with provactive lyrics and impassioned delivery and captures any room with a charming witty stage presence.”







Rachael can be seen singing, Will You Marry Me? on the link above.

Caleb Hawley-Seeing Colors in  on www.youtube.com