Fair Farms Campaign Kickoff Meeting

The Fair Farm Bill Campaign Kick Off Meeting is  Wednesday, Septebmer 21st a the  Whole Foods Co-op located at 610 E. 4th St., Duluth. Refresments are provided. (To learn how you can become more infolved contact Emily at: emilyr@greencorps.org.)

Right now, our country’s food system is broken. A few large companies such as Monsanta and Cargill control every part of our food system. They are driving small and mid sized farms out of buziness.

We have a right to safe and healthy food. We want the USDA to implement the 2008 Fair Farm Rules and level the playing field. We want small and mid sized farmers to have jobs and make a living wage. We need safe and more substainable food.

Right now Senator Klobuchar is on the fence on this issue. We need her to make sure that big agri-business supports small farmers, the environment, and the consumers as well as ourhealth.