Changes To The Local Airport

I have to admit I haven’t been to the airport for a long time. There are lots of changes, new building, a very new and large parking ramp and parking areas, as well as  new airlines in Duluth. The airlines at our airport include Delta, Sun Country, Allegiance Airline, and United. I heard that maybe Southwestern Airlines may come to Duluth (?).  (Don’t quote me on that one.) I heard that there new shops including possibly books/gifts and at least one new popular restaurant in the near future. 

It was pretty dead at the airport last night. There were three car rental agencies that are working. The bar and oldy gift shop was closed. The escalators were closed down. You had to take the elevator or the stairs. The elevator shook as you went up and down. That worried ME, as I have a fear of being stranded in an elevator.

Duluth will be “The Airline Terminal of The North,” “The Hub of The Northland.” 

Coming in were firefighters last night from as far away as California going to head up to the boundary are such as Isabella to fight the wild fires. We have a friend in Ely, my husband talked to him last night, the fires  were not near him. He must not be worried as he is coming down to meet for lunch on Thursday. They also own a home in Winton, unsure if that house was affected in anyway. 

Some of the amateur radio guys and gals are up near the wild fires doing some reporting. These must be the weather trained men and women.