Radiofrequency Ablation, Prostate Cancer

Breast Cancer: Cook the cancer cells by heating (radiofrequency ablation/FFA) and destroying them through a guided tomography CT scan. That’s interesting. This is in relationship to breast cancer and is being done at the Mayo Clinic.

If breast cancer does run in your family, discuss this with your family physican and have a digital mammogram earlier rather than later.

Prostate Cancer: My husband was at the prostate survivors group in Cloquet last night with at least 30 other survivors sharing tales of treatment, survivorship, and much more.  Two men had come back from a three day conference on the topic. Men don’t speak out like women do, they hide their head in the sand. Some want to blue to pink and speak out more about this so private matter.

If prostate family does run in your family, you should have a PSA test early and be monitored.